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What Is Dry Shampoo?

We've all been there. Long night, hitting snooze repeatedly on the alarm, and then you're running late for work. No time to fix up your hair? No problem. That's where our dry shampoo comes to save your morning routine!

Just apply the powder to your hair with either our application brush or your hands and blend it in. Our dry shampoo contains only natural ingredients that nourish your hair and banish that oily sheen.

What's in our Dry Shampoo?


Our dry shampoo effectively cleans and removes the oil from your hair, leaving you looking fresh to death.

Before using our Brun dry shampoo: 

Dry shampoo before


after using dry shampoo

 Questions about your dry shampoo?

Has your dry shampoo become 'unpacked' or clumpy? Fear not! click the tutorials link below to see our instructions on how to fix this!