Applying our Dry Shampoo:

Apply the powder to either a brush or your hands.

Dust the powder onto your ROOTS first, and evenly brush into your hair.

Watch the video below for more help!


Has your dry shampoo become 'unpacked' in the shipping process? Those package handlers can get a little too excited sometimes...

If this has happened, or you see clumps in your dry shampoo, there is nothing to be worried about. Your dry shampoo will still work perfectly, even with clumping.

If you would like to repack your dry shampoo powder, follow these simple steps!

 1. Find an item to use as a packing tool (we suggest a glass cup, a spoon, or saran wrap)


2. Press the cup into the dry shampoo powder. Careful! If you press too hard or too fast, some powder might fly out of the can! Patience is the name of the game. If using saran wrap, use your fingers to firmly press down onto the powder.

3. Your dry shampoo is ready to work its magic again!

Did you know?

You can recycle saran wrap along with your plastic grocery bags at designated recycling locations in your area, or at your local grocery store!