About Us

The Two Goats Initiative

Our names are Sam and Alex, living and loving life in the Rocky Mountains with our herd of two goats!
We partnered with a long time friend and military buddy, Kevin, to help spread the word about our product.

Meet Glockma!


and meet Vlad the Impaler!

Two Goats Apothecary believes in farm-to-table, and farm-to-spa. We cherish things that grow; our medicinal plants and herbs are dotingly tended by hand with nothing but sunshine, clean water, ladybugs, and pollinators, and then reverently harvested and sun-dried - no chemicals and no funny business. 

Only the best for our goats, plants, and bees, and only the best for our bodies!


Our venture arose from health and environmental concerns seeded by the fine print ingredient lists of heavily-used products densely packaged in un-recyclable materials.
We wanted a wholesome safe alternative and began producing for ourselves and for our friends, and now we are spreading the love.
We use exclusively farm-fresh food-grade materials. We cook up our luscious batches of goodies by hand and made-to-order.
Two Goats Apothecary believes that freely practicing self-love through applying spa and body products should feel nourishing, luxurious, and peaceful - never questionable.
Replenish safely and joyously.