Who are you guys? 

We are living and loving life in the Rocky Mountains with our small herd of two goats! Our buddy and co-owner moved out here to help us achieve our dream.


What's with the weird product names?

We believe in sticking to our roots.  Our ancestors come from Sweden and Norway, and we grew up hearing dozens of Scandinavian folk tales. Our dry shampoo product names are Norwegian translations of the corresponding colors.


Do you offer product samples?

Contact us for information regarding samples at


Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free USPS First Class shipping to the US, and free USPS First Class International to Canada for our Dry Shampoos and orders that contain at least one Dry Shampoo.



We offer a discounted shipping rate for all USPS First Class International Orders. You must select this shipping method for the discount to apply. If the total weight of items in your cart exceeds 4 lbs (1.81 kg), the discount will not apply and you will have to use a different method to ship.

Customs information is automatically filled out and printed on the shipping label. However, the customer is responsible for paying for any duty or tax fees upon receiving the item (delivery duty unpaid (DDU). DDU is when the customer pays the associated fees and taxes for the shipment. CANADIAN CUSTOMERS WILL NEED TO PAY THIS AS WELL.

Questions? Talk to us at


Other companies use the words ‘natural, fresh, safe’ solely for marketing purposes, how do your processes and products reflect these labels?

We use only the finest essential oils and natural, health-promoting ingredients. We personally cook up these treats for body and soul as the orders arrive.

Our products are thoroughly tested on ourselves and on our supportive families and friends. Our goodies are tested by happily willing humans and never on animals.


Are Two Goats Apothecary products safe for everyone?

Our products are always safe of Talc, Dyes, Parabens, Fragrance, Silica, Sulfates, Preservatives, Synthetics, and chemicals like insecticides and pesticides.

Our ingredients are always clearly and accurately listed on all of our products and available on our sites. Those who may have allergies or sensitivities, please read the labels carefully! We encourage patch testing skin to ensure no one experiences an adverse reaction to one of our natural ingredients, like the assortment of flowers, herbs, and oils we brew. Even if you have no known allergies, patch testing is a great way to make sure your body loves our product. We want your experience to be nothing but pleasurable.


Can I recycle product packaging from Two Goats Apothecary?

Please recycle! All our product packaging was selected to be as environmentally friendly as possible and components can all be recycled in the appropriate bins and facilities. For example, our shrinkwrap is able to be recycled with your grocery bags at participating locations.


Is Two Goats Apothecary on social media?

We are on Facebook and Instagram! Please come and check us out and tell your friends!


Questions? Reach Out